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Young Frankenstein The Musical's Temporary Fan Page

Okay! This will serve as a running respository for all items related to Young Frankenstein until I can make a proper Young Frankenstein The Musical page. Once I have that design sorted out I'll finally get around to sorting out all the goodies I have compiled about my currently favorite Broadway Musical, The Producers, starring my favorite Broadway Actor, Nathan Lane (Uh, don't cross your fingers). For now, please disregard the presentation and just enjoy the madness that will surely come of Mel Brooks' new Broadway Musical.

If you have anything to contribute please send me a message, at this time I should be able to update this page two to three times a week. If you are sending a review of your own, please indicate whether it's okay for me to share the information with other fans, I will of course create a nickname for you if you don't supply one.

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Young Frankenstein The Musical Official Website - Nothing like going straight to the source. Right now there's just a press release and some bios but it's already looking like a theme's been worked out for the site. If The Producers website is any indication, this one will make fans happy too. It would be cool if they carry over the forums from the The Producers Broadway Musical site and preserve the users.

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09-05-07 :: Fan K-Bunks Mini Review
I did, and didn't enjoy it the live staged musical. I loved the film, and the staged version was a lot of fun. What didn't work at Seattle's sweet 1920s vaudeville-era Paramount was the intense miked and overamplified sound. The dialogue and especially the songs ran together all too often. When the Paramount and theatres like it were new, actors were trained and accustomed to speaking out to the "back of the house."

Sadly, today we seem overly dependent on miked sound, and the hard surfaces of the Paramount make for a cacophanous noise-box that makes it hard to appreciate what's being said or sung onstage. I was in the front row loge seats and still didn't hear properly. Good thing I knew the movie dialogue!

That said, it was an awfully fun show. The staging was great, the sets marvelous and the choreography brilliant. I loved the scene of leaving the Transylvania Station for the Castle - the way the hay wagon was made to seem to travel. That scrim! Those "horses"! Perfect!!

Casting was pretty wonderful, though the actor playing young Dr. Frankenstein failed to convince. It was as if a fifth of him was somewhere offstage most of the time. The rest of the cast were terrific, from Frau Blucker (neighhhhhhhh!) to Elizabth, Igor and Inga! Who knew the marvelous 1970s movie cast could be so beautifully upstaged?!

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08-14-07 :: North West Afternoon Show: A cool local TV station covers the opening night of the previews in Seattle.

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