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Hot Links Without The Heartburn!

Sure Google is fast and fairly up to date, but then you'd have to repeatedly wade through all the garbage sites it comes up with! Here are some links you might find useful if you are a fan of Mel Brooks.

Fan Sites:

  • Mel Brooks Movie Site - Best general site for movie images, sound clips, summaries & film trivia related to Mel's Movies.
  • Your Site of Sites - Doesn't seem to be maintained anymore (doesn't work in Firefox).
  • Mel Brooks Webring - The main page says it's abandoned by the ring is still be administered on!

Related Fan Sites:

  • - A truly awesome Anne Bancroft site. I often check here for anything I've missed about Mel, Anne or Max. It's updated regularly (like every few days at the most!) Check it out!

News Sites:

Forums/Message Boards:

  • Radio Insight - Forum for archived radio shows (thanks Melfan!)
  • IMDB - The Mel Brooks Forum. These forums exist for each piece of work listed in IMDB too... just scroll to the bottom of the summary page.

Search Engines:

  • Google - A great overall listing... but requires wading through all the garbage sites to find the hidden gems.
  • Yahoo! - Not so great, but gotta include it...
  • AOL - Check out the video results.

Merchandise & Collectibles:

  • Amazon - Great reference for books, movies & CDs. Decent prices.
  • Borders - Search your local Borders Bookstores (USA).
  • eBay - Great source for collectibles.
  • DVD Price Search - Great search of multple retailers (no API?).


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